Cornerstones of our success story

1. Foundation

The development of equipment for steam applications started in 1901 with the founding of "Pat. E. Hannemann G.m.b.H." in Berlin. Mr. Emil Hannemann was the inventor of water level regulation for steam boilers.


Mr. Seewald acquired Reglerbau Hannemann GmbH which he renamed as SMR Steuer- Mess- und Regelarmaturen GmbH and developed further valves for applications in the steam area: for example, the injection cooler with 90° rotary movement.

Milestones in our company history


Production of metallic control and shut-off ball valves.


Patent injection cooler TECtemp with 90° rotary movement.


Merger of SMR Steuer- Mess- und Regelarmaturen GmbH with the ball valve division of Babcock Borsig Berlin GmbH.


Foundation of artec Armaturen- und Anlagentechnik GmbH in Leegebruch.


Division of the company and relocation of the new valves production to Oranienburg.


The design of soft sealing and metallic sealing ball valves for a wide range of applications in the high pressure area, high temperature area and/or in abrasive fluids. The design of ceramic shut-off and control ball valves was further developed.


The design of the TECgate - the metallic sealing gas shut-off valve without oil filling for pressures up to PN100.


The recently patented design of the TECtemp HT L injection cooler for modern combined cycle power plants for applications up to 720 °C. This is a leading technology in the global market in the area of energy generation.


Participation of AVK Holding A.S. and renaming to TEC artec GmbH.


New look for TEC artec. Renovation of the corporate design. Fresh and modern, we are looking into the future with proven many years of experience.


"The force of bundled competence" Three leading companies are cooperating in the area of boiler and process temperature control. TEC artec, Meeraner Dampfkesselbau and MH Power Systems Europe Service have entered a strategic collaboration in the injection cooler area.